The term “ethnoeubiotics” derives from a combination of “ethno” and “eubiotics”, and denotes the preoccupation with the teachings of healthy living in body and spirit (eubiotics) stemming from a variety of cultures (ethno-). This incorporates both the specific development of medicine in a particular culture (e.g. Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Indian rituals, among many others) and natural remedies, including the medicinal plants used in each respective culture and region.

With the help of ethnoeubiotics, eubiotics is better placed to be understood in all its various dimensions, while it is also brought closer to the public’s attention. Eubiotics is shaped by the diverse flora in the individual regions worldwide and by the cultural phenomena of the respective peoples. This results in a rich diversity of natural treatment methods and recipes.

Ethnoeubiotics combines the holistic approach of eubiotics with natural medical knowledge of peoples across the world. Subsequently, ethnoeubiotics develops new methods and approaches for the benefit of research into health and beauty care. Nutritional supplements along with organic cosmetic and nutricosmetic preparations, which are based on the traditional medicines of the peoples of America, Africa, Asia, and the Arctic and Pacific regions, are referred to as “ethnoeubioticals”. These are composed of the most effective active ingredients from each part of the world.
The Gesellschaft für Ethnoeubiotik e.V has made it its duty to raise public awareness about the long-standing knowledge of other cultures in relation to prevention and treatment. The society is also dedicated to promoting the study and conservation of exotic medicinal plants.